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Remain watchful. Do not believe everything we tell you on the internet !

Whatever the medium (video, slide show), the origin (YouTube, forum, blog) and the care brought to the presentation of the documents.

Always show discernment ! Remain watchful.













Make ice cube with microwave oven

This documentary on the microwave oven is a scientific imposture – a hoax -

It was specially designed to show you that experiments realized in a specialized laboratory, with the scientific pledge of a physicist, are not at all the guarantee of a reliable and serious scientific message.


All the facts and the notions exposed in the documentary are false and based on no theory or real or exact scientific experiment.

Of course, the 50-60 Hz alternative sinusoidal electricity network is not polarized.

A microwave oven cannot produce cold when its cordon sector is connected back to front.

Find here the detailed list of all the excessive and misleading scientific assertions exposed in the movie.